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Sizing Suggestion

  • Size small is recommended for Mother Punkers (women) and Little Punks (children) 
  • Size large is recommended for Dudes (men)
  • See info below for measurements

Are you looking for a custom mask that represents you in your own words? I can do that for you! There are two options:

  • I can add a custom quote, custom text onto your mask.
    ORDER HOW TO: Add the EXACT WORDS into the notes sections at checkout. I will add the text to your mask. Send you an email with the final for you to approve. Must add an email at the checkout for this option.
  • Add a custom high-resolution image to a mask. You MUST email the high-resolution image to Add your ORDER NUMBER into the subject line so I know which image is yours.

Additional Notes

  1. I will not and cannot print licensed artwork. Meaning, I cannot print a Baby Yoda design onto a mask for you. Because well, I don't like Baby Yoda. He's a dick and I'd like to keep my business. 
  2. For typeset masks, I will only allow up to 1 revision. Anything more than that, I will need to charge an artwork fee. 
  3. If your image isn't high-resolution and does not appear that it will print well. I will email you to discuss this. Check the desired mask size to see if your image meets the dimensions. 
  4. I will not print sexual images onto masks.
  5. I will not print presidential political party masks.
  6. Any questions, please feel free to send me an email, DM, PM, or carrier pigeon. Carrier pigeons often do not make it here so... 
  7. Custom masks take a lot more time to do. That is why they cost more. Thank you in advance for your understanding and for being a super cool OG.

    Three-layer face mask features a 100% polyester outer shell and a cotton inner layer that follows CDC recommendations for cloth facial coverings.

    Face Mask Details

    • The face mask is reversible.
    • Side one is obnoxious, just how we love you!
    • Side two has a blank side for when you might want an "appropriate" side showing.
    • The adjustable earpieces are made with polyester material.
    • Earpieces are polyester, stretchable material.
    • Also, includes adjustable fit sliders.
    • These masks are machine washable and quick drying.
    • Hang dry or tumble on low heat.
    • Size small is recommended for Mother Punkers (women) and Little Punks (children) 
    • Size large is recommended for Dudes (men)

    Mask Measurements

    • This is the measurement of the cloth portion minus the ear prices.
    • LARGE measurements: 7.9" by 5.5" - Suggested for MEN
    • SMALL measurements: 6.5" by 4.3" - Suggested for WOMEN and CHILDREN

    NOTE: Face masks are non-medical grade and non-returnable.


    • Face masks/mouth masks follow the CDC recommendations for cloth facial coverings, however, they are non-medical masks and do not guarantee protection against infectious disease, including COVID-19.
    • Face masks/mouth masks are washable and reusable. It is recommended that the masks be washed before first use, after 3 hours of use in public spaces, and after 24 hours of use in a home environment.
    • Sharing masks with others is not recommended. Proper washing of masks before use by others is highly recommended.
    • Use of face masks/mouth masks should not be considered an alternative to hand washing, touching of the face, maintaining social distancing, or any other precautionary recommendation.
    • All face masks/mouth masks non-returnable due to hygiene concerns.

    Washing and Care Instructions

    • Machine wash warm or cold.
    • Tumble dry low. Use of dryer sheets or fabric softeners not recommended.
    • Do not bleach.
    • Do not dry clean.

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